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5 Surprising Benefits of Telehealth Services for Patients

Telehealth services have been around for a while, but their importance was highlighted during the pandemic when people were forced to stay at home. Many people were hesitant at first to try telehealth because they have the stereotype that doctors will simply rush their consultations so they can accommodate more. But this was not the case, even after the pandemic, many medical groups and doctors kept their telehealth services online for patients who need non-urgent medical care and consultations. 

Through telehealth, patients can receive important medical documents such as medical certificates, and prescriptions. With the availability of online medical certificates and online prescription services, it has become even more convenient to access healthcare services from the comfort of our homes.  If you are also thinking about trying telehealth services, in this article, we will discuss 5 surprising benefits of telehealth services for patients.

Convenience and accessibility

One of the main advantages of telehealth services is that they are incredibly convenient and accessible. With telehealth services, patients can consult with their doctors or healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own homes, saving them both time and money. 

This is especially helpful for patients who live in rural or remote areas, where access to healthcare services is limited. Moreover, it allow patients to access healthcare services outside of normal business hours, making it easier for them to fit healthcare appointments into their busy schedules. 

If a patient needs to get tests such as blood work done, they can schedule appointments and make payments through telehealth services to avoid long lines. Once they have an appointment, they can simply show up on the day of their test, and they could receive the results online as well. 

Improved patient engagement

Telehealth services have been found to improve patient engagement by allowing patients to be more involved in their own healthcare. With it , patients have access to their medical records, test results, and other important information about their health. 

This allows them to be more informed and engaged in their own care, which can lead to better health decisions and behaviour from the patients. Telehealth also allows patients to ask questions easily to their doctors regarding their medical statuses, compared to face-to-face consultations where social barriers that prevent some patients from doing so exist. 

Increased patient satisfaction

Greenway Health stated that telehealth has reduced the stress and hassle it is for patients to receive their healthcare or have follow-up consultations with physicians. They no longer have to block the whole of their day to wait in line at hospitals or clinics.  Patients reported that they appreciated the convenience and accessibility of telehealth services and that they felt more involved in their own care. 

Reduced healthcare costs

Telehealth services can also help reduce healthcare costs by allowing the patients to view the total breakdown of the healthcare costs that they could incur. Most in person clinics charge nearly $50, but with Click Clinic, you can get our services for only $30.

Moreover, it can reduce the need for hospital admissions and emergency room visits, which are often expensive. Aside from the actual costs of healthcare, with telehealth services, patients also save on their commute or gas expenses when going to hospitals and clinics. 

Improved health outcomes

Finally, telehealth services have been shown to improve health outcomes. In a study published by Bashshur R. L., et al. (2000), they found that these services were associated with improved blood pressure control in patients with hypertension. 

Visits to the hospitals sometimes trigger the social anxiety in most people, and with telehealth they could avoid the unnecessary social interactions such as being stuck in a waiting line with other patients asking questions about the hospital rules and such. Other studies have shown that telehealth services can lead to better management of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, and can improve patient outcomes after surgery.


Telehealth services have become increasingly important in today’s world, especially with the availability of online medical certificates and online prescription services. They offer a wide range of benefits to patients, including convenience and accessibility, improved patient engagement, increased patient satisfaction, reduced healthcare costs, and improved health outcomes. People now use them for their general healthcare needs, and not only for Covid-19 related matters. 
If you haven’t already, it’s time to consider taking advantage of telehealth services for your healthcare needs. So if you are looking for a reliable telehealth service provider in Australia, Click Clinic offers online medical certificate and online prescription services, as well as teleconsultations with qualified healthcare professionals. Our services are easy to use, secure, and affordable. Contact us today to get started with telehealth consultations.