Absence certificate terms and conditions

By submitting an online sick certificate request, you understand and agree to the following, which apply to absence from work, unfit for study, and carer leave certificates:

1. You are (Or the person you are caring for is in the case of a carer leave certificate) genuinely suffering from the medical condition and symptoms you have described and take full responsibility for any consequences for misrepresenting these.

2. Payment is for the professional services of the clinician assessing your request and does not guarantee a certificate will be issued. If a certificate is not issued, you are not entitled to a refund.

3. Requests for historic illnesses which are not currently ongoing will be rejected and any fees paid will not be refunded.

4. Certificates will be issued for the period of time the clinician issuing it feels most appropriate in line with the expected recovery time for your condition.

5. Click Clinic is a privately billing practice and as such full payment must be made before a medical certificate will be issued

6. Certificates may be issued by Nurse Practitioners (NP) working within their scope of practice. In this case, it will be titled an absence certificate, not a medical certificate.

7. Requests to cancel the issuing of a certificate  will not be actioned. If you ask for a certificate request to be cancelled, you will not be entitled to a refund.

8. Although in normal circumstances a certificate will be issued or rejected within 48 hours, in exceptional situations this may not be possible. In this eventuality, you accept that you are not entitled to a refund.

9. If the clinician assessing your request feels it is not appropriate to issue a certificate, it will not be issued and a refund will not be provided.

10. If you behave in an abusive, aggressive, threatening, intimidating, or derogatory way to our staff, your certificate will not be issued and no refund will be provided.

11. Our online certificate of absence service cannot be used to provide a diagnosis or treatment of a medical condition. The assessing clinician will determine if the symptoms described warrant a period of absence from work/study, but through our certificate service, they will not provide you a diagnosis or treatment plan. If you require a diagnosis or treatment for your condition, please book our telehealth consults or see an alternative provider. By using this service you confirm that you are not suffering from any serious condition and can manage your condition yourself. By using this service, you understand that this service is not a substitute for a formal consultation with a healthcare provider.

12. All requests are assessed and approved or rejected by an appropriately qualified clinician. Certificates are therefore not automatically generated.

13. Making modifications to any certificate issued will be considered fraud and identity theft and we will report you to the police for this and press charges as well as lodge a civil lawsuit for damages.


You accept that by using this service, the only situation where a refund will be issued is if you have been overcharged for your certificate.

In no other situation will a refund be given, including

  • If you change your mind and no longer want a certificate (as per Australian consumer law you are not entitled to a refund in this instance)
  • If we decide that you do not meet the appropriate criteria and refuse to issue a certificate
  • If your certificate is delayed
  • If your certificate is issued for dates other than what you requested
  • If an employer or other agency rejects your certificate